At a very early age I found I had a passion for all things related to the Arts.  I was raised in Cleveland Heights, Ohio,  just 5 miles from the Cleveland Museum of Art, where my family would frequently visit. I was inspired to study art and earned my teaching degree as an art educator at Kent State University. I taught for ten years in the Fairview Park School system in Ohio and earned my masters at Cleveland State Univesity. Now I live in the Chicago suburbs with my husband and our three children. In Addition to Watercolors, I have a passion for drawing and printmaking. I have enjoyed creating art  with children and they have  played a big part in my life. Therefore, I have included some snapshots of student work as well as other samples of my own art that I have created over the years. Currently 

I enjoy following my love of art by creating watercolor portraits of homes.

You can learn more about ordering your own unique watercolor by emailing me on the following contact page.


Sample of my art work:


Artist: Janice Zeuch

My work with students & their art